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Rafael Keramidas

Freelance Photographer

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About Me

Hello! I'm Rafael, a young Swiss freelance photographer from the Geneva/Lausanne area in Switzerland.

I started photography as a hobby in late 2009 and never stopped since then. I take pictures of a lot of different things (landscapes, streets, ...) but mostly concerts. In 2011, I started taking event pictures in clubs and festivals. Since 2012, I began taking pictures for the press (mainly 20 Minutes) but I also have other photography activities in various domains like business pictures or shootings. I'm currently working as IT specialist and photography is my big hobby.

I also speak three different languages : French, German and English. Feel free to contact me (questions, job, ...).

Some people I took pictures for...

20 Minutes

Newspaper and online publishing

I worked with 20 Minutes multiple times during festivals. I provided pictures for the newspaper of the next day on time for the printing and I also managed the online gallery on the website.

Caribana Festival

Official photographer, online publishing

I took pictures of the concerts at the Caribana Festival along with the other official photographers. Take a look at the Flickr of the Caribana Festival and the website.


Online publishing

I shot a lot of pictures for the nightlife website Tilllate.com in different events (concerts, night clubs, business events).

Ride Doggy

Product pictures

I shot a couple of pictures for the fixie (bikes) business Ride Doggy in Groningen (Netherlands). Check their website.

"It was a real pleasure to work with Rafael. Very thorough and listening to our wishes, he totally fulfilled our needs."- Julien Delafontaine, 20 Minutes.

My weaponry

"When people ask what equipment I use - I tell them my eyes." - Anonymous.
Well, except my eyes, I'm using the following equipement :

  • Concerts


  • Events


  • Report/Press


  • Shootings


  • Weddings


  • Business


  • Courses


  • Other needs ?

    Other needs ?

My last 500px pictures

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Contact Me

The contact form is temporarily deactivated due to spam. Please contact me using my e-mail address by clicking on the link at the right.